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You are who you hang around, we hope to build the largest exclusive high performing community on the planet. Because, we understand know one can achieve success on their own. Use this exclusive community to partner up, share stories, resources and create new long lasting friendships. Becoming a ABS crusader simply means, that you will become a fisher of men and women, helping us transform lives in places we can't reach.

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Watch from anywhere ate anytime, transform your business in every aspect from mentality training to advanced business development concepts we've got your covered.

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All of our Course, Modules and programs come with a certificate of completion from our basic classes to our most advanced. Giving you the confidence that you have what it takes to become successful. You can also use these certificates to prove to future agents and clients that you are qualified to help them.

Agency Builder School

Is an eLearning platform led by one of the top millennial business leaders in the country. Inside ABS, you get access to Jake, along with all of his proven tools, strategies, and resources you need to jump start your greatness in our convenient location.

Our carefully designed platform will include 7 Courses and over 64+ modules by Jake Tayler. You can start anytime and you can work through the material at your pwn pace. WATCH AND BE INSPIRED FROM ANYWHERE. AT ANY TIME.

$1O,OOO Yearly Business Training for a fraction of the cost.

  • Final Expense School Bonus Course. Valued at $250
  • Mid-Market Training
    Valued at $500
  • Advanced- Market Training Bonus.
    Valued at $750
  • ABS School 96 page Manual
    Valued at $80
  • Placed in our private fast track to $100k accountability group.
    Valued at $1000

  • ABS School Platform


    $9469 Total Savings

    Access to our ABS Community

    Learn how to build a profitable insurance marketing agency from scratch.

    Learn everything, conquer anything.

    The building is only as tall as the foundation is strong enough to build on. We teach you everything you need to succeed in business today, tomorrow, in the future, and against any storm.

    Business Fundamentals:

    Picking a niche, identifying problems, finding opportunities, market validation.

    Product Specialist:

    Delivering and improving differentiated products customers love.


    Getting your markets attention, generating leads, appointments, and hot prospects ready to buy.

    Talking to prospects, ethical persuasion, handling objections and closing the deal on the call or in person.

    Psychology & Neuroscience:

    Psychology, human behavior, habits, emotional memory, how to hack your brain for growth.

    Problem Solving:
    How to think clearly, solve problems quickly and see ten moves ahead with precision.

    Accounting, legal & Tax:

    Incorporating your company, structuring it efficiently, doing your books, and taxes.

    Websites & Funnels:

    Creating websites, landing pages and funnels, all by yourself. Be better than the experts, get the leads for yourself.

    Management & Hiring:

    How to hire valuable sales reps, support teams, management, create culture, performance tracking.

    How to manage your entire business, systematize, optimize for efficiency, and leverage technology to make your organization more effective and efficient.

    Scaling & Automation:

    How to scale your business from $0 - $500k/yr at breakneck speed with process/systems/automation.

    Get started today, its time for you to take your life and business to the next level.

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    Jake Tayler Jacobs

    Creator of Agency Builder School

    Jake has been educating families and college students on the topic of financial literacy since 2012. Though he was passionate about teaching on the topics of legacy building and financial freedom Jake never thought in a million years he would build a business in the financial industry especially since he went to school to be a PE Teacher. Clearly, God had other plans for him, because Jake's break in the entrepreneurial world came in 2016 when he built his financial firm on 7 napkins in a local Applebee's.

    Since then, the company has evolved to a brokerage vastly exceeding 100+ licensed brokers in 5 states and counting. He and his team of superheroes are building one of the fastest growing minority-owned financial firms in the country and are dead set on growing it to 2600 independent agents putting 260,000 plans in place by 2029. Seeing a huge disparity and misrepresentation of diversity in the financial services industry, Jake has made it his mission to change the face of the industry by having an organization that is reflective of the communities they serve.

    Jake is also the author of "We are Sick: Surviving Financial Cancer" a phenomenal financial transformation book! Jake's passion for transforming and developing the lives of anyone searching for purpose is second to none. He feels it’s his calling to help as many people become truly free;

    free of financial struggles, free of negative peer pressure, free from self-doubt and worry and most importantly free from living a life of underachieving.

    Jake created ABS School to continue his teaching legacy by helping agents become successful. Jake has a passion for helping anyone and this platform proves just that! ABS School will help agents continue to help families and help change communities. His work has touched the lives of entertainers, business leaders, youth, and future college grads. He believes that the millennials will impact this world like never before.

    Jake is a loving son and brother, devoted husband and father, and he wants to use his platform to not only impact people around the world but be the biggest hero in his family's eyes. Poverty knows his family all too well and he is on a mission to single-handedly propel his family to prosperity and financial peace.

    Jake lives in Dallas, Texas with his wife AJ and their daughter Tayler.


    We have a proven 12 step training and development system that turns novice people into trained broker assassins. We emphasize on training because we believe a trained and developed ABS broker has a 80% higher chance at succeeding in this industry, than the average insurance broker.

    We believe in the proper balance of classroom style training, coupled with in the field hands on training. This gives all training brokers the best chance to succeeding in this industry. And touches all learning styles across the learning spectrum. Our unique combination of classroom and field training for every new subject/specialty allows our junior brokers the ability to take conceptual learning and apply it physically into the field.



    In this phase you will be enrolled into our basics training. Much like the military or college, you can't really do much until you learn your basics. Upon graduating basics class, you will receive a certificate of completion that will allow you to move on to step 2.



    Typically, most companies make this the first step. But, we believe that someone who has basic training completed prior to taking the test, has a higher chance at knocking this part out of the park, because they actually believe that they can be successful. So we make licensing step 2.


    Final Expense Training

    Welcome to your first specialty training. Here in this school you will learn your first specialty skill, learning the final expense market will give you the edge and the confidence to getting off to an amazing start. What is the final expense market? Great question, the final expense market is typically the baby boomer and senior market 55 -85 years old, wanting burial coverage, to protect their families from funeral expenses. Upon the completion of this course, you will be issued a certificate of completion and certification, giving you access to leads and granting you permission to getting started int he final expense market. Just with this market alone we have beginner agents making any where between $1000-$4000 a week.



    By this time, your license should be back from the state allowing you to officially get contracted and making money.


    Field Training

    Nothing is wrong with copying, as long as you copy the right cat. This is a copy cat system, at this point you are ready to hit the field. Versus sending you out there alone, we assign you a certified training broker, to hold your hand and walk with you step by step until you have figured it out.



    You are now ready to take the field by storm, you have been educated, licensed, educated, trained and now you are ready to go out into the final expense world and take it by storm. Just like anything, nothing is guaranteed, but with our process once you gain your confidence you can begin protecting families and making significant amounts of money.


    Mid- Market Training

    After we see that you have the hang of the Final Expense Market, we will enroll you into the next phase which is our mid- market school. In this school you will learn how to make money within a specific niche. You will learn how to market and sell rollovers, mortgage protection, IULs and our healthcare products.Upon getting your certificate of completion and certification you will be allow to go out into the field with a certified field trainer.

    PS... your average client in this specialty will make you on average of $1000-$1800 per person...


    Field Training

    As you are kind of figuring out already, we have a fool proof system, with educating you with modules and courses, then taking you out in the field with a certified broker who will hold you hand and walk with you step by step on appointments. This increases your confidence and helps you apply what you have learned.


    Mid- Market Ready

    Once again you are now ready to take the field by storm, you have been educated, and field trained. Now you are ready to go out into the Mid- Market world and take it by storm as well. Just like anything, building a warm market, and learning how to work referrals take time, but with you consistently making money in the final expense market while working this new market we believe you should be doing around $8k-$15k a month at this point, if you are following the system completely.


    Advanced Market Training

    You are catching the drift now ? Once you have a good hang on the final expense, and the mid market if you so chose we will enroll you into our Advance Market School, where we teach you how to work with entrepreneurs, small business owners, schools, churches, non profit organizations and their employees.

    Once you complete these course requirements you will be given a certificate of completion and certification to go out into the field.


    Field Training

    We do have field trainers who are Advanced Market certified who will be available for you to utilize for field training in this market, if you so choose. It is no longer a requirement for you to utilize a field trainer at this level because you should be well equipped to handle it on your own. However, it is still highly recommended that you take advantage of your field trainers expertise to increase your chances of success.


    Advanced Market Ready

    Now you have the skill-set and the certifications that allow you to be successful in any market, given you the best chances to succeeding in this industry.

    What our students are saying

    The Proof is in our system, which creates results for every student who applies and works hard.

    "ABS school literally has changed my life. I went from being a bank teller making $11/hr to an assassin insurance broker making $2500-$3700 a week. Best believe I will continue to get better.

    Shandolyn H.

    Reign Financial Group

    "ABS is the best education system in this industry! Jake Tayler Mastermind and ABS's Masterpiece.

    Landrea L.

    The Levine Group

    " Thank you Jake Tayler, I couldn't have done it without your training and ABS School. You're the real MVP. "

    Tinechia B.

    The Bruton Group

    $1O,OOO Yearly Business Training for a fraction of the cost.

    • Final Expense School Bonus Course. Valued at $250
    • Mid-Market Training
      Valued at $500
    • Advanced- Market Training Bonus.
      Valued at $750
    • ABS School 96 page Manual
      Valued at $80
    • Placed in our private fast track to $100k accountability group.
      Valued at $1000

  • ABS School Platform


    $9469 Total Savings

    Access to our ABS Community

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I need any previous experience in the insurance industry?

    Nope. Our team will provide you with training videos and live trainings on how to use our system and scale your business from scratch. The great part is that all of the software we use are user friendly and our system is so simple a 2 year old can follow.

    Do you guys offer insurance license training?

    As of right now we do not currently offer a licensing class in person. However our partnership with ExamFx we can offer you an 83% discount on your study material, that will come with online exams and a guaranteed pass certificate or your money back.

    Do I have to be licensed to offer insurance?

    The answer to that is simple, yes. The products that we offer literally can put trillions of dollars back into our communities and if you are not properly trained you could literally cost a family there life's legacy.

    How much money can I really make?

    Well that my friend is dependent upon you. We have some brokers who work seasonal for months at a time that do anywhere from an extra $10,000 a year to $30,000 in several months. Then we have other brokers who do hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. The choice is yours. .

    How soon can I start making money?

    If licensed already, within 7-10 days we can have you appointed with our carriers and out in the field making money. If unlicensed, about 45 -60 Days...

    Can I really do this?

    Yes you can. As long as you have the heart to want to become a better person, and you are willing to work your butt off, this industry can pay you millions of dollars from no experience.

    How is it possible to make this type of money so quick?

    Very good question. It's simple multi billion dollar financial and insurance companies make insurance and financial products that they need distributed in to the homes of people. They pay us to do just that.

    How much can I make on average from one client?

    Anywhere from $200 - $10,000+ on one client. Its up to that client, and what they want.

    Do I need my own physical office to take advantage of this opportunity?

    Nope. All of our software is web based so tht eonly thing you need is a laptop, a phone and a fire and water proof filling cabinet and you can do this right from home. Oh and by the way, it's a tax write off when you have your own HOME BASED BUSINESS ;)

    But How exactly do I get paid from clients?

    Clients don't pay you, the multi-billion dollar financial companies do.

    Here's an example: Client pays $100/ month for a policy.

    The insurance company will take that $100 and multiply it by the 12 months the
    client is expecting to pay for the year. So that's $100x 12 months =1200.

    The average agent start off at an 80% contact so... $1200 x 80% = $960 That's how much you will get paid off of an $100/month policy.

    You help 100 families that's $96,000 in a year. See? simple.

    Lets get you started today!

    $1O,OOO Yearly Business Training for a fraction of the cost.

    • Final Expense School Bonus Course. Valued at $250
    • Mid-Market Training
      Valued at $500
    • Advanced- Market Training Bonus.
      Valued at $750
    • ABS School 96 page Manual
      Valued at $80
    • Placed in our private fast track to $100k accountability group.
      Valued at $1000
  • Access to ABS Platform


    $9469 Total Savings

    Access to our ABS Community